Tokyo Teasing

This photo set was shot in an old house in Tokyo, Japan. Hitomi kills a bright blue bra and a second-skin pair of jeggings, basically super-tight, thin jeans that show the crack of her sweet ass. This was the first Hitomi layout to be chosen for her SCORE magazine debut in January '13. Hitomi was the covergirl and this issue marked the first time that American and European magazine readers were exposed to this Asian wonder. Hitomi herself Tweeted her approval from her home in Japan when she saw this issue. N.W. had to write, "Hitomi's knockers are like bombshells or torpedoes. Just gorgeous. And her huge areolae...I just love them. This, for me, is the closest one gets to female perfection."
Featuring: Hitomi
Date: October 17th, 2023
Photos: 50

Member Comments

6 days ago 

Amazing baby girl

6 days ago 

Gorgeous greased up knockers. So shiny

6 days ago 

Hitomi, you are so pretty! I love to see you naked and I love those gorgeous big tits of yours. Love the pictures of you holding them together, makes me want to lay you down and fuck those tits until I cum, but I would not want to cum on them, I would rather cum in your mouth or even better, straight up that sweet little pussy!

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