Morning Delight

Morning Delight

We follow Hitomi's morning ritual from her bed to the bathroom to the shower as she prepares for the day ahead. The difference between the video and this photo set is the clothing.

In the video, Hitomi is in bed wearing her monokini negligee and puts on her tank dress after her shower. In the photo spread, Hitomi wears the dress in bed and puts on her monokini after showering.

Hitomi is not a model. She's a phenomenon.

In her rare appearances at USA adult expos (the January Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas), she draws major crowds around her, all of them packing cameras and trying to get a picture with her! Hitomi also gets the same reaction when she appears as a special guest at video shops in Japan.

Featuring: Hitomi
Date: November 23rd, 2021
Photos: 165

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