Bowled Over By Hitomi

Bowled Over By Hitomi

The people who operate this bowling alley and allowed us to photograph Hitomi for a few hours were knocked over like pins when they saw her. We feel the same way every time Hitomi travels from Tokyo for a shoot with us. For this shoot and a series of other shoots, we flew Hitomi to Prague where we have satellite studios.

Hitomi's not much of a bowler. She spent more time naked at the bowling alley than throwing the balls. Just as well.

Hitomi is a three-time SCORE Model of the Year winner. She was on-point to make it four times when Newcomer of the Year Katie Thornton came from behind and inched ahead in the voting in an extremely tight race.

Featuring: Hitomi
Date: August 1st, 2023
Photos: 50

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