A Sharp Girl With Soft Curves

A Sharp Girl With Soft Curves

Hitomi, her green body-stocking hugging her soft skin, has a pair of pink handcuffs and a pink sleep mask that reads "Be Naughty." She's got something planned and it'll be nice and sexy.

Whenever she comes to America for adult video expos, she's a people magnet. Fans, both female and male, want to meet her, and models such as Sheridan Love and Maserati want to meet her and take selfies.

It may seem the reverse of her public personality but Hitomi says she can be shy around people in a more everyday setting, especially if she doesn't know them. It sometimes takes time for her to warm up. There is a shyness about her that the SCORE staff detects at times. It makes her even more endearing.
Featuring: Hitomi
Date: August 29th, 2023
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Member Comments

So damn hot

Wow so beautiful . That outfit is crazy sexxy on here and those tiny shiny black panties are amazing

Oh my wow! Hitomi, you get more beautiful and sexy every time I see you! I love your hair, so sexy and the way you please by posing completely naked! Thank you for being barefoot, I love to see you all natural!

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