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Mexican Masturbation

Hitomi is alone in the mansion during her Mexican SCORE week. She's restless, horny and needs something to do to keep herself busy. Laying back on the couch while she waits for her girlfriends to return, Hitomi sticks a hand down her Daisy Dukes and rubs one out, sending tingles of pleasure that heat up her luscious body. Hitomi gets up and, on impulse, sticks her tank-top covered tits under the faucet of the living room bar and turns on the cold water. The running water makes her nipples harden, giving Hitomi a shock of pleasure. She plays with her wet tits, feeling the ripe, heavy flesh of her naturals through her soaked tank. Hitomi looks to the side and spots a dildo one of the girls left on the bar. What was going on when she was elsewhere. The cock-shaped dildo is taped to the bar. Has someone been naughty? Hitomi wants to feel it between her tits and in her mouth. She needs something big in her throat and this is the closest to a cock she has right now... Read More »
Featuring: Hitomi
Duration: 24:23

Member Comments

11 months ago 

The best ever

1 year ago 

Those huge boobs swaying in that tank top is mesmerizing . Hitomi is the greatest Score girl of all time just incredible to stroke my cock to her dancing m nothing feels as good as stroking my big oily dick for her . She loves it you can tell . Her boobs are massive and when she sucks that dildo and titty ducks I explode big jizz bombs all over thinking about it spilling over her boobs . What a woman m the best porn star in the world. Unbelievable that this amazing woman is so fucking horny for our pleasure. A dream

1 year ago 

Oh my God Hitomi is a boob lovers dream m. One of her best videos ever she looks insane and that music is perfect stoner cick stroke pleasure . My cock feels so good so thick and oily for this Tit Goddess from Japan

2 years ago 

She looks amazing in that little t top. And her sexually insane dancing and bouncing. Amazing heels and a sweet dildo for her to suck and it fuck is beyond belief. I blasted loads and loads to this video. And the music is perfect fit oiling up my big dick

6 years ago 

Love this video, get to see Hitomi completely naked again, and watch her cum on that toy, only wish it was a real cock she was fucking!

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