She Wore A Yellow Bikini

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She Wore A Yellow Bikini

The matching video to the photo set, this video is on DVD in On Location Puerto Vallarta. Hitomi was already a sensation in Japan when she and SCORE joined forces. When Hitomi arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last year for this shoot, it was her first trip outside of Japan. She and her co-stars spent a week in a swanky mansion overlooking the beach. Hitomi speaks little English, so SCORE flew in a Japanese female translator from Tokyo to spend the week with her as a helper, companion and translator for our crew. In their spare time, Hitomi and her new busty friends enjoyed the sights and sounds and the food and the fun of this popular tourist resort. The girls stuck together at all times. A group like this could have easily drawn a massive crowd just by being there if they went to the beach in bikinis Read More »
Featuring: Hitomi
Date: February 27th, 2024
Duration: 18:26

Member Comments

The most amazing oiled up boobs in the world. She has never looked better than in this famous scene. I remember getting the magazine with her in it and being blown away by this scene. The video is pure tit pleasure.

It's amazing what she does with those boob 's and a big bottle of oil

I just watched this incredible scene on my DVD player almost all of it in slow motion. Still my favorite cock pleasure scene in Score

My God that body all tan and oiled up is incredible. The bikini is amazing. Another great stroking session to my love Hitomi. I oiled up my cock like age oiled those tits. Stroking for this scene twice in a row already. The best ever

Amazing body and oil. Bikini Hitomi is the best ever. My God is that body and those tits spectacular

Incredible bikini and oiling. She loves her big boob's

Oh Hitomi, I love to see you like this! You should get completely naked every time. I love to see you in clothes too, but look forward to seeing you take them all off! Hitomi you have such an incredible body, a lot is said about your big beautiful tits, and I love them too, but you are gorgeous right down to your pretty little feet!

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