Gracias, Hitomi. Domo Arrigato!

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Gracias, Hitomi. Domo Arrigato!

Hitomi is a traffic-stopper back home in Tokyo. There is no one like her. Most Japanese girls with huge, natural tits are plumpers or heavy-set. Slim-n-stacked Hitomi is a true natural phenomenon of nature, like Merilyn and Venera. Hitomi's pendulous boobs and sexy physique most closely resemble Sharday's in many ways, especially in tit-shape and slope, very much the "hanger" type of breasts. Hitomi's torso is even slimmer than Sharday's, making her look even bustier. Valory Irene is another sensational SCORE model who shares similarities to Hitomi. Hitomi has large, very pale areolae and very pliable breasts. She can easily bring her nipples to her mouth and suck them. During the week, Hitomi endears herself to her bosom buds and the SCORE staff. Truly, a living doll out of a Manga (a Japanese comic book). Read More »
Featuring: Hitomi
Date: March 5th, 2024
Duration: 28:03

Member Comments

Her ass looks amazing in this video. Start to finish perfect. So many great shots of her beautiful body

What an amazing body in a bikini and heels. She is a unique goddess. Nothing like Hitomi Tanaka

Tits are perfect. Hot bikini and amazing heels. Hitomi is the cumm goddess of Score. The greatest ever . Get stoned and stroke for hours of cock pleasures

For me, Hitomi is the most beautiful slim-and-stacked model - EVER!

Bikini body amazement . I live her heels she is a goddess

Hitomi you are so beautiful and desirable. I love this video because you showed all of your gorgeous body. I love your big beautiful tits and would love to fuck them and then shoot my cum right into your mouth!

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