The Candy Bikini

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The Candy Bikini

This was Hitomi's second trip to the west for SCORE, her first being On Location Puerto Vallarta with another all-star group of girls.

Hitomi's candy bikini and her lollipop are sweet but not as sweet as this Japanese import. Modeling is not work for Hitomi, it's play. She enjoys knowing she will be seen and savored by countless boob-lovers in awe of her slim yet supernaturally-endowed breasts and gorgeous face.

Hitomi and Joana were roommates during their week in the Dominican Republic. They may come from different cultures and speak different languages, they communicated very well together. We believe there is an international busty sisterhood that transcends all differences and Hitomi, Sha, Valory and Joana helped to support this theory.

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Featuring: Hitomi
Date: March 26th, 2024
Duration: 22:07

Member Comments

My God she is incredible. Sucking that lollipop looking straight into that camera. Some amazing underneath shots of her boobs hanging into the camera twirling around. Her amazing ass walking up the stairs . And then on all fours with her back arched and ass sticking out while she continues to suck that lollipop moaning and groaning

Wow !!!! Incredible. My cock was hard just watching her suck that lollipop . Then she says " you like candy" and we see those massive tits in that crazy edible candy top. Her nipples sticking out in contained and ready for sucking. Those amazing bikini bottoms. Ass and silver heels are cock stroking bliss. And then she gets doggy style whole sucking that pretty lolopop . I dream of fucking her like that for hours before we switch position and fuck get for the next 3 days. I would jizz all over those magnificent boobs. A goddess for Score. One of the most amazing videos in the history of the world. Where else can you see this ~420


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