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Morning Delight

When the sheet is pulled back, the sight of Hitomi dressed in a black monokini is an eye-opener. Her massive tits are splayed to the sides. She brings them together with her arms, looks at you and smiles, as if you a sharing some secret. She jiggles them and they wobble and vibrate.

Hitomi rolls around the bed a bit more then takes you into the bathroom where she brushes her teeth and puts her hair up for her morning shower. She invites you to watch as she soaps her delicious body, the water cascading down her sloping jugs.

Stepping away from the shower to soap every place, Hitomi's hand works its magic. She likes a tingle to start the day right, part of a morning ritual. After showering off, Hitomi towels herself and slips into tiny, very girly panties and then a tight tank dress that does her justice. Read More »
Featuring: Hitomi
Duration: 20:56

Member Comments

2 years ago 

Hitomi in the shower lathering up those magnificent tits is one of the most beautiful things on film . Masterpiece Frome Score and the unbelievable Hitomi Tanaka . Wow !

3 years ago 

Beautiful soapy boobs ~

3 years ago 

Lighting, movement, location, I think this is the BEST Hitomi video on this site. ( .)( .)

7 years ago 

Thank you Hitomi for showing all of your beautiful body! I do love your gorgeous big tits, but you are beautiful everywhere, right down to your sexy feet. I wish it was to where you could spread your pretty legs, for I am sure you are just as gorgeous right there too!

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