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Hitomi: Artfully Naked

The SCORE art and studio staff were invited to choose the right look for Hitomi's body painting and this "dress" was picked for its Asian cherry blossom flavor.

Mr. John Neyrot of is the master artist who had the honor of painting Hitomi's beautiful body. It took John and Hitomi four hours and she had to remain still for most of the time, periodically moving her arms or hair, so John could work his magic. This was a major undertaking.

"I've been painting for 20 years, so I've experienced a lot," said John. "But those were the largest naturals breasts I've ever painted. She is very beautiful, and I was amazed when she showed me her breasts and what I had to work with." John needed super-concentration with a girl like Hitomi before him as he applied brush to skin to create his intricate design. "I love how it turned out," he said. "I hope Hitomi liked it."

This time-lapse video condenses their long hours of work into an extraordinary show. A shot from the photo set was… Read More »
Featuring: Hitomi
Duration: 13:02

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2 years ago 

That body is mind ripping. It's impossible but it's there . For all of us to lay back and stroke our juicy oily poles till they shoot massive loads for her. My love I am addicted to you and those beautiful oiled up tits .

2 years ago 

It's amazing how long and beautiful those tits are. They hang so low on her tiny body. The most beautiful Score girl ever .

2 years ago 

Hitomi looks insane in this scene . Perfect and her sexxy swaying dance is hypnotizing me . Slowly stroking my big oily cock and smoking weed all day to her . Legendary Goddess from Japan

7 years ago 

Wow, she is naked again, I love to see her completely naked. Hitomi is just so mesmerizing like this, only way she could looked better would be to see her fucked with a load of cum in her pussy!

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