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Tokyo Pick-Up

You don't need a degree in light science to know what has the higher-powered, more dazzling high beams. Your car's lights or Hitomi's twin high beams. You pull up to the address your Japanese connection in Tokyo gave you. There you will see one of the most beautiful girls in all of Japan waiting outside at 8PM. Do not be late or she will vanish. When you get to this building, she is waiting outside and illuminated in the glow of your headlights. She walks over to you when you park and leans into the window, her sexy, bulging cleavage preceding her. She looks at you with a quizzical expression. Hitomi is one of those girls whose face always signals the promise of a connection. Her eyes signal interest once she has sized you up. The finger brought up to her lips is a good sign. And as she walks away mysteriously heading to a dark staircase, she crooks her finger, beckoning you to follow her. Where is she going? Where is she taking you? It's now or never. Follow her wherever she wants to… Read More »
Featuring: Hitomi
Duration: 21:58

Member Comments

1 year ago 

She doesn't even start to undress till about 7-8 minutes and I am so fucking hard . She looks amazing in that dress and killer boots. What a Hooker cumm fantasy baby. I imagine paying some big money and sliding my beautiful cock inside her pussy and then shooting loads of jizz on those magnificent tits . The noste experience and expensive street hooker in the world. What a goddess hitmoi. Thanks for playing along fir our Scoreland fantasy

1 year ago 

Beautiful sheer panties and you can see her perfect pussy. My God is that delicious looking. Her creamy Japanese sushi

1 year ago 

She shows a lot of her beautiful sexxy ass in this video. Insane body. Everything is perfect

1 year ago 

What a beautiful woman and insane body. They best part of videos on her site is the BigtitHitomi logo in the corner.

3 years ago 

Hitomi is beyond extraordinary! My Lord! Every inch of her is just plain incredible. . . . .
How lucky we are to see such an absolutely stunning delight
Thank you for sharing yourself with us Hitomi Tanaka, we are lucky that you are so kind to do so
All of my best wishes to you today, yesterday and of course, tomorrow.

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